// electronic music producer & performing artist //


<< based out of the northeast united states >>

|| vetica harnesses the beauty, intensity, and emotive qualities of electronic music.


|| my name is Matthew Binginot, and i am a music producer and digital media artist from burlington, vt.


|| as vetica, my production styles oscillate between house, techno, electro, and industrial sounds that encapsulate both the light and the dark. my various releases to come shift between uplifting melodic elements, dance floor-ready grooves, and pulsating synthesizer tones to create visceral musical experiences.


|| my live sets fuse dj’ing, visuals, and live instrumentation with a focus on musical expression. i've been honored to play shows throughout the northeast and have shared the stage with acts such as Lane 8, Jai Wolf, and Enamour.


|| each vetica production aims to provide a perspective, an atmosphere, and an emotion captured in sound, sight, and sensation.